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Club Policies

​Hearts Gymnastics offers classes for gymnasts of all ages and abilities.  For the safety and enjoyment of all athletes and their families, we ask that you adhere to our club policies while in our facility. 


Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our club

policies below. If you have any questions please contact our office for clarification!

  • Appropriate Attire
    All athletes are to wear comfortable, athletic clothing with no buckles, zippers, or buttons. Long hair must be tied back, and no jewelry is to be worn (stud earrings are acceptable, no activity bands please!). Bare feet or sock feet (not recommended) ONLY. Clothing should not contain any inappropriate language or content. No bare midriffs (no crop tops) or off-the-shoulder tops. We kindly ask that spectators remove their shoes upon entering the facility, even if they are planning only to watch. This helps us maintain our clean facility!
  • Before Class
    Aim to arrive 5-10 minutes early to allow your child time to prepare for class. Water bottles are to be placed on the water shelf. Your child is to wait on the bench for his/her coach. Under no circumstances are they to be on or near the equipment without their coach.
  • Missed Classes
    Hearts Gymnastics is not responsible for rescheduling your child in the event of a missed class, nor will a refund be given. Hearts Gymnastics is not responsible for gym closure as a result of events beyond our control (i.e. extreme weather, safety concerns, etc.). However, if possible, we will work with you to arrange a make-up class. This option is not guaranteed, and is conditional on if there are any available classes. If you would like to book a make-up class, you must contact us within two weeks of the gym closure. Gym closure announcements will be posted publicly on our Facebook page. Please make sure to check our page if there is any inclement weather.
  • Parent-Tot (Tender Hearts) Class Expectations
    1:1 Parent to child ratio Parents are asked to keep their child within arm's reach at all times. It is the parent's responsibility to keep their child with the class at all times for the safety of both the parent and child.
  • Photography
    NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEOGRAPHY of any kind is permitted within the gym, unless a special exception has been requested and pre-arranged with the coach. FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT PERMITTED AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON, NO EXCEPTIONS. It is extremely unsafe for the athletes.
  • Refunds
    Under no circumstances can the Gymnastics Ontario (G.O.) Fee ($35) be refunded. A minimum deposit ($50) is required before the class begins to guarantee your child's spot; this is a non-refundable fee. Refunds will only be given before the class begins; they will be in full, less the $50 deposit and $35 G.O. Fee. After classes have begun, no refunds will be given, however, your account may be issued a credit of the total paid minus the G.O. Fee and the value of any classes attended. This credit may be put towards future classes or birthday parties. In the event of severe illness or injury, please submit a doctor's note for a prorated refund or credit.
  • Spectator Conduct
    Parents and spectators are NOT ALLOWED on the gym floor for safety and liability reasons. Spectators are asked to refrain from yelling down from the viewing area, it is distracting to coaches and athletes. If your child is misbehaving or on time out, please do not communicate with them, as it detracts from the coach's ability to keep control of the class.
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